The Society

About us
The Discovery Passage SeaLife Society was formed in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic and committed biologists, eductors, and business people. Between us the Board and our Advisors have a tremendous range of experience, and we are excited to be part of establishing and running the Aquarium. 

We are committed to realizing our vision of designing and delivering educational and interpretive programs for residents, schools and visitors highlighting the fascinating marine life of Discovery Passage and surrounding waters.

Our objectives
The Aquarium makes visible the wonders of our local marine life accessible through hands-on experiences and expert interpretation. Through establishment of the Aquarium and subsequent projects, DPSS aims to enhance knowledge, appreciation, and stewardship of our natural resources and ecosystems.

A Registered Charity
DPSS operates the Aquarium with paid staff and volunteers using revenue from entrance fees, sponsorships, grants and donations. 

This financial model is based on the success of the Ucluelet Mini-Aquarium, which was able to entirely finance operations from revenue generated from these sources. 

DPSS is a non-profit society, registered as a charity with Revenue Canada (# 801263484RR001). We are of course intent on becoming as self-sustainable as possible, however the more help we have the more we can offer!